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To peacefully usurp a duchy, kingdom, or empire from another ruler:

  • Like with title creation,
    • You must control 51% of its de jure counties (for duchies or kingdoms) or 80% (for empires)
    • Cannot usurp a title higher than or equal to your liege's
  • Cannot usurp the primary title of a merchant republic
  • Cannot usurp the sole top tier title from a ruler of a different religion, if they hold any titles (such as counties or duchies) that are its de jure vassals or below
  • Cannot usurp from someone who is at war
  • Cannot usurp religious head titles
  • Cannot usurp a title from anyone in the same realm, unless you have a strong claim
  • Cannot usurp this title before date (recently created? usurped?? granted???)
  • Merchant Republics and Patricians cannot usurp kingdoms or empires

Usurping a title costs gold, with the cost depending on rank and decreasing with piety. Unlike title creation, it never costs piety. Usurping gives half the prestige of creating a title.