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Axl Madness, Bertuccio, Elvain, Il Moro, Ruwaard, theKing1988, Aasmul

SWMH is a major map overhaul project, aimed at replicating the medieval world as contemporary accurately as possible. Secondly it includes substantial work on history and cultural related features. All this work has been conducted with a philosophy of keeping as close to the core features as possible, in order to maximize compatibility with other mods. The mod is in continuous development with different areas receiving overhauls in each update.

The team behind the mod: Axl Madness, Bertuccio, Elvain, Il Moro, Ruwaard, theKing1988 and Aasmul.

Map features[edit]

  • Adds an in-depth overhaul of the map, in the process adding more than 500 provinces, 7000 medieval baronies and reworking entities down to the last barony.
  • Adds new hand drawn coastlines for: Northern Europe(everything north of Bilbao, excluding Iceland, Finnish lakes, and white sea coast), Atlantic coast of Morocco, western meditearian islands, a few places on the Italian peninsula, and Rhodes
  • Adds a massive river and lake overhaul, including a redone navigable river system.
  • Adds redrawn mountains for the Iberian peninsula and Carpathians.
  • Adds proper terrain for great parts of Europe.

Culture features[edit]

  • Adds many new cultures, including a breakup of the Italian culture
  • Adds real cultural retinues, every culture has a retinue based on a for it appropriate RL military unit.
  • Adds cultural modifiers, every culture is no longer the same as the next one.
  • Adds unique, and culture specific form of address and titles(a sub mod that reverts titles etc. back to English is available).
  • Adds cultural appropriate spelling to all entities(from empires all the way down to baronies), with many styling their contemporary medival spelling form(For instance Denmark sporting medival Danish, while Norway featuring west Norse spelling).
  • Adds full dynamic naming to the Iberian peninsula, British isles, and Baltic adjacent areas.

History features[edit]

  • Adds a great many new historic dynasties and characters
  • Adds more playable historical characters
  • Adds the actual RL rulers to many entities

Usage with other mods[edit]

The mod can be enjoyed either:

  • By itself
  • Used in combination with other mods, see list of compatible mods on the forum page or the included txt file in the mod itself.
  • Or by playing Project Synergy(compilation mod of SWMH and CK2+)