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Societies are associations of characters who share a common interest. Each society enables special abilities, quests, and interactions among members. Most societies require the Monks and Mystics expansion.

DLC Society Secrecy Attribute Requirements Description
DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monastic Order Varies Religious activities, may toggle celibacy
DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Hermetic Society Icon learning.png Learning 10+ learning Scientific experimentation, intergenerational stat boosts
DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png The Assassins Secret Icon intrigue.png Intrigue Shia or secretly Shia Defend Shia Islam through intimidation and murder
DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Demon Worshippers Secret Icon intrigue.png Intrigue Powerful abilities at the cost of possible soul corruption
Secret Cult Secret Icon diplomacy.png Diplomacy Secret religion Promote your secret religion

Monastic Order[edit]

  • Theology focus
  • Perform Charity
  • Help build new Temples
  • Go on Pilgrimages
  • Engage in prayer or meditation
  • Encourage other characters in their realm to end their sinful ways
  • Take a vow of celibacy (Oblatus)
  • Renounce vow of celibacy (Oblatus)
  • Invite an ascetic to court (Comissus)


Monastic order Religion Notes
Benedictine Order Catholic
Dominican Order Catholic Bonuses to converting provinces and hunting demon worshippers
Community of Saint Basil Orthodox
Community of Saint Abraham Nestorian
Community of Saint Anthony Miaphysite
Adavita Matha Hindu
Savaka-Sangha Buddhist
Sravaka-Samgha Jain

Hermetic Society[edit]

  • Early Scientific experimentation
  • Build laboratories
  • Missions rewarded with Technology Points and Artifacts
  • Go further in the Scholarship focus
  • Scrying
  • Make horoscopes for Children
  • Experimenting with drugs and medical techniques
  • Write a book of knowledge - the Magnum Opus - which will benefit not only you but your heirs (as long as they have high enough learning skill)

The Assassins[edit]

The Assassins, also known as the Hashashin, are a secret society that defend the interests of Shia Islam through intimidation and murder. Members must be Shia or secretly Shia.

Assassins abilities[edit]

Level Activity Effect
1 Borrow money from the Assassins Get money from the society
1 Donate money to the Assassins Give money to the society to gain Divine Power
1 Use Hashish from the Assassins Gives skills buff at the cost of health
2 Intimidate ruler for favor Gains a favor with the target
3 Hire ships Raise special ships
4 Raise army of Assassins Raise special troops
4 Mark for Death Mark someone for assassination to encourage other members to go after your mark
4 (Obedience) Passive: lower ranking members are very likely to agree to your diplomatic requests

Demon Worshippers[edit]


Level Activity Effect
1 Sacrifice to Satan Sacrifice prisoner for Dark Power
1(?) Attempt to Abduct Attempt to imprison a character, with cost depending on their tier.

Cannot abduct duke+ characters (unless they are landless), patricians, players, or children/spouses of the same.
Cannot abduct characters you are at war with or characters who are in revolt.
2 Summon Familiar Can choose to summon a Cat, Wolf, Owl, or Raven with different stat bonuses
2 Tainted Touch A Health Curse
2 Demonic Possession Let demon possess your Vassals, Courtiers, and Rivals. Increase their relationship toward you.
3 Dark Divorce Your spouse will be no more
3 Dark Healing Heals any disease and can regenerate a missing limb
3 Invite Disciple of Satan Invite member of this societies to join you at your court
4 Absorb Lifeforce Kill your child and prolong your life
4 Unholy Impregnation impregnates a female member of your society with a bastard child. This child will have either the "demon_child_fake" or the "demon_child" flag (50/50 split). Note that this is NOT the demon_child_non_pagan flag for the demon child events, but rather the flags used in the completely unrelated demon child and exorcism events in The Old Gods. As those events rely on the father being alive, and children born from unholy impregnations have no father, neither flag will do anything at all.
4 (Obedience) Passive: lower ranking members are very likely to agree to your diplomatic requests


This society's name received several variations depending of the religion[1]:

Name of the society Religion
Lucifer's Own Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngMiaphysite.pngNestorian.pngSunni.pngShia.pngZoroastrian.pngJudaism.pngZunist.png
Fellowship of Hel Norse.png
Cult of Kali Hindu.png
Cold Ones Romuva.pngSlavic.pngSuomenusko.png
Plaguebringers Tengri.png

Secret Cult[edit]

"Sow seeds of the true faith in the darkness until you have enough followers to emerge from the shadows"

Some characters have a secret religion, meaning that they falsely profess faith in one religion while privately believing in another. Such characters have the option of creating or joining a corresponding "secret cult" and attempting to promote their true faith.

Members get missions and powers to induce Sympathy for their real religion in other characters in the realm as well as the population in the counties. At the highest rank, the ruler can organize a mass conversion of realm cultists. With careful groundwork, an extremely powerful religious revolt can be staged.

Cultist abilities[edit]

Level Ability Target Description Requirements Devotion Cost Visibility effect
1 Induct child Child Try to secretly convert your son, daughter, or ward. Child is at least 8 years old. Must be parent or educator. Free +5 (+2 if grandmaster)
1 Evoke sympathy Adult Try to give the character sympathy for your true religious group. Target follows another religion group (and does not secretly follow your exact religion) 50 (free if quest target) +2 (+0 if grandmaster)
2 Induct adult Adult Try to secretly convert any adult in the realm.

If successful, you may also invite them to join the cult.
If the target follows a religion in another group, they must have sympathy for your true group. 150 (50 if target is not a ruler) +5 (+2 if grandmaster)
3 Prepare grounds County Try to create a secret religious community in a province.

More likely to succeed in demesne counties and with high diplomacy skill. If successful, the province will be ready to flip instantly when you openly convert.
Control the province (or at least control a barony and be in the same top realm as the count?) 300 (free for AI) +5 (+2 if grandmaster)
4 Openly adopt faith None All members of the cult (in the same top realm) switch their public religion. Non-members with the same secret religion get an option to do the same, as do characters with sympathy for the religion group. Rulers immediately convert demesne provinces that had successfully prepared grounds.

Note: any follower of a secret religion may decide to make it public, but only this expensive ability causes other secret followers to automatically do the same.
Must be at peace. 500 (free for AI) No longer a cultist!


Generic names for secret cults use 'secret religion' Faithful format.

Society Corresponding religion
Society of Jesus Catholic.png
Good Christians Cathar
Fraticelli Faithful Fraticelli
Lollard Faithful Lollard
Waldensian Faithful Waldensian
Old Christians Orthodox.png
Bogomilist Faithful Bogomilist
Monothelite Faithful Monothelite
Breaker of Idols Iconoclasm
Paulician Faithful Paulician
Miaphysite Faithful Miaphysite
Monophysite Faithful Monophysite
Nestorian Faithful Nestorian.png
Messalian Faithful Messalian
Islamic Brotherhood Sunni.png
Zikri Faithful Zikri
Children of Angels Yazidi
Party of Ali Shia.png
The Wise Druze
Hurufi Faithful Hurufi
Ibadi Faithful Ibadi
The Exchangers Kharijite
God's Faithful Judaism.png
Children of Israel Samaritan
The Readers Karaite
Loyal Magi Zoroastrian.png
Mazdaki Faithful Mazdaki
Manichean Faithful Manichean
Santana Dharma Hindu.png
Eightfold Path Buddhist.png
Harmless Jain.png
Oathkeepers Norse.png
Oathkeepers of Old Old/Pre-Reformed Norse
Perun's True Slavic.png
Warriors of Perun Old/Pre-Reformed Slavic
Riders of the Blue Sky Tengri.png
Arrows of Tengri Old/Pre-Reformed Tengri
Children of Dievas Romuva.png
Chosen of Dievas Old/Pre-Reformed Baltic
Speakers of Ukko Suomenusko.png
Axes of Ukko Old/Pre-Reformed Finnic
Spirit Keepers West African.png
Spirit Warriors Old/Pre-Reformed West African
Zun's Living Fire Zunist.png
Flames of Zun Old/Pre-Reformed Zunist
Children of the Sun Reformed Aztec
Hidden Flame Old/Pre-Reformed Aztec

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. According to notes in the Localisation files, Lucifer's Own was originally known as "The Satanists", while the Fellowship of Hel was originally known as "The Trollcrafters".