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Ruler Designer.png The Ruler Designer is a minor DLC to Crusader Kings II, released on the 17th of April 2012 alongside the patch 1.05.

It allows the player to create a ruler with customized:

Any playable character can be modified, but the new character will be the only member of his custom dynasty instead of the replaced character's dynasty. This results in any dynastic alliances being severed and losing out on any prospective inheritances.

A character's selection of education, attributes and traits impose various costs in terms of age, for instance:

  • becoming a genius Genius.png makes your character start 30 years older
  • being a drunkard Drunkard.png removes some of those years.

Each child also adds to this; 3 years per son and 2 years per daughter. The age cost per point of each attribute is defined in Defines.lua, and these are totaled for a given trait. The default maximum creatable age is 49, balancing it so that your Genius, Diligent, Midas Touched character won't be ruling for that long.

A common, though somewhat "gamey" strategy is to give your character negative traits like ill Ill.png or wounded Wounded.png which can either be quickly removed or which quickly fade.

Another trick involves celibacy and adding children. Choosing celibate Celibate.png takes away 25 years of life. With each son adding 3 and each daughter 2, you can start off with 3 sons and one daughter with celibacy chosen and end up with -14 net years.

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