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The realm tree of the small kingdom of Navarra in 1066

Icon realm hierarchy.png An independent realm in Crusader Kings II is the highest judicial structure a character is part of.

Every realm is ruled by one independent ruler, who under him has a number of vassals. He is typically the most powerful character within the realm.

  • If anyone outside the realm has a Casus Belli upon any character within the realm, he has to declare war upon this independent ruler.
  • On the other hand, depending on the realm's law, characters within it can declare war upon independent rulers outside the realm, and the rest of the attacker's realm will not be involved.

A sub-realm refers to all titles a character holds, and the vassals below them. A duke within a kingdom, for example, is the ruler of a sub-realm consisting of his duchy and all his vassals.

Realm size[edit]

Realm size.png Realm size is the total number of holdings (castles, cities, and temples) in a realm. It is useful for estimating a character's approximate power; the larger the realm, the more powerful he generally is. However, buildings can change this power-balance a lot. Realm size is calculated by the number of holdings the ruler and his vassals (and their vassals, etc.) own.

Your realm size is shown in the top right of the screen. You can see the size of other realms in the "realm tree" accessible from its ruler's portrait page.

Minor titles[edit]

Some minor titles are linked to the realm and the relatives of the ruler. Unlike honorary titles, these titles are granted automatically and cannot be revoked.

Title Dignity Monthly salary Monthly prestige Notes
Regent 0.9 0.10 0.02 In case of regency of the realm. Not shown in character title.
Ruler consort 0.88 0.10 0.02 Uses the other gender version of the ruler title
Tanist 0.86 0.07 0.02 Realm heir, in case of Tanistry succession law.
Queen Mother 0.85 0.05 0.01


  • Empire: Dowager Empress
  • Empire (German): Kaiserin
Prince/Princess 0.80 0.05 0.01 Children of a king-tier or emperor-tier ruler


  • Iranian: Shahzada/Shahdokht
  • Indian: Rajkumar/Rajkumari
Concubine 0.05 0.02 0.01 Concubinage marriage mechanic. Not shown in character title.

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