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Loot.png Pagan and Hindu rulers, as well as tribal rulers of any religion, may raid their enemies, ransacking the countryside for loot without bothering with a formal declaration of war.

The provinces that may be raided are:

  • Neighbouring provinces, the looted gold being immediately added to your treasury.
  • Coastal provinces, the loot being transferred to ships in the adjacent sea provinces (up to 10 gold per ship), and upon returning home will be added to your treasury. Note: only Germanic pagans have the technology to build ships in 867.
  • Inland provinces accessible via navigable rivers (same mechanism as raiding coastal provinces), but only Germanic pagans have the unique ability to sail up inland rivers, letting them prey on most of Europe.
  • The target must be a different religion.

To raid, simply set troops into raiding mode by clicking the "Toggle Raiding" button. This may only be done in friendly territory. Armies containing mercenaries cannot raid.

Free loot[edit]

The base available loot in a province is roughly 2/3 of the total annual income for all holdings in that province (exact formula to be determined). Of this loot:

  • an amount equal to the sum of the fort levels in all realm holdings is protected by walls,
  • the remainder may be looted freely, by leaving raiding troops in the province

Looting speed[edit]

The speed of looting depends on the size of your raiding party (up to 500) and the "max loot" in the province (regardless of whether it is protected by fortifications or already plundered). It takes 100 days to fully loot a province, although your raiders will usually have to stop early upon encountering fortifications.

Loot every 4 days = (Max loot) × min(Raiders, 500) × 0.04

Sacking holdings[edit]

With enough raiders, holdings may be sieged down as well. Winning a siege:

  • Loots a large amount of money (roughly double the annual income of the holding). The formula is:
Looted Gold = (1.5 * Holding Base Income) + (0.02 * Total Buildings Cost)
  • Lets more of the free loot be gathered.
  • Cause a penalty on demesne income and prevents from raiding again for 3 years.
  • Has a 10% chance of destroying a random building in that holding.
  • Has a 5% chance of destroying the holding entirely, if the holding has less than 4 buildings. The capital holding can't be destroyed.
  • Always destroys any building or holding currently being constructed.
  • Has a chance of imprisoning any courtiers in the province.
  • May trigger an event giving the Viking Viking.png trait, if raider's religion is Germanic or reformed Germanic.
  • May trigger some special raiding event chain.

If you are also at war with the raidee, looting a holding does not contribute to your warscore. But you can switch your army to non-raiding mode and siege the holding a second time while it still has few defenders.

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