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Choose plot screen

Alert plots.png A Plot is a scheme where multiple co-plotters cooperate toward a specific goal.

Plots are selected by right-clicking the target character or title. Some plots may also be listed as "suggested plots" in the Intrigue screen.

A character can only lead one plot at a time, but can back any number of plots led by others. They can be cancelled, but doing so will often incur a penalty. There is no cooldown to select another. Characters with the imbecile  or incapable  traits, and rulers in a regency for any reason or in prison, cannot plot.

For most plots, you must recruit a certain number of backers, generally at least one. When selecting them, each character in the list has an icon showing their willingness to back the plot:

  • Diplo yes.png: are willing to join
  • Diplo bribe.png: can be bribed to join the plot (can be marked at 100 relations, but bribe would not help)
  • Diplo no.png: won't join the plot (even if bribed)

Note that this window doesn't necessarily list all characters that can be invited to join. The "Auto-invite backers" checkbox will automatically send invitations to every character willing to join, even if they're not listed here.

You will then be able to execute the plot by decision. The Kill Character plot, however, does not have a related decision. The plotters instead get occasional chances of killing the target, which occur more frequently when more plotters are involved and with higher plot power.

The plot power is affected by the plot type:

  • military plots gain power proportional to the plotters' military strength,
  • intrigue plots gain power in proportion to the plotters' intrigue attributes.

For military plots by vassals, the plot power of vassals of the target is equal to double the ratio of the available levies of the vassal divided by the levies of the liege. Equal-level rulers as the target who are in the same realm contribute the unmodified ratio. Foreign conspirators contribute one-third the ratio of their levies to the target's levies.

For plots by lieges on their vassals, plot power seems to depend on some combination of the plotter's strength relative to their liege and to the plotter's intrigue score relative to the target, but the exact formula is not known.

Plot Requirements Type Execution Bonus
Plot gain title.png Gain Vassal's Title

(Revoke [county or duchy])

Not a Patrician
Target is not merchant republic
No truce or NAP with target
Title was not granted in the last year
Title is not special (holy order, mercenary, or religious head)
One of the following:

  • county outside duke's duchy
  • or duke with no de jure counties in his realm
  • or any county in duchy that (1) is held by liege and (2) contains liege's capital
  • or secondary county of a multi-count

Note: if Content , will not appear in suggested plots, but can still be started by right-clicking the desired title

Military By decision

80% strength and 1 backer

Plot kill character.png Kill Character Not your child Intrigue By event N/A
Plot kill spouse.png Kill Spouse Spouse is not also your lover Intrigue By event Until Death Do Us Part achievement
Plot gain liege title.png Fabricate Claim on Liege
  • Liege is not parent
  • Not heir to the target title
  • Target title is direct de jure liege or vassal of your primary title
  • Target title is not a viceroyalty
  • User is feudal or tribal (patricians can't use this plot)
  • Opinion of liege is below 25 (below 50 with one of ambitious , envious  or deceitful ) (AI only?)

Note: if Content , will not appear in suggested plots, but can still be started by right-clicking the desired title

Intrigue 75% and 3 backers (60% chance) OR

100% and 5 backers (90% chance)

Plot gain fellow vassal title.png Fabricate Claim on Fellow Vassal Not heir to the target title

One of your titles is de jure vassal of target title
Target is feudal
Same liege as target

Intrigue 75% and 3 backers (60% chance) OR

100% and 5 backers (90% chance)

+1 Intrigue (if < 10)
Seize trade post Patrician in a merchant republic

Not the current Doge of the republic
Target has more trade posts than the plotter
One of the plotter's trade posts border the target trade post

Intrigue 75% and 3 backers N/A

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