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Icon piety.png Piety is a measure of how pious a character is. It increases by a variety of mechanics. It contributes to Score on character's death.

Piety is renamed Karma for Hindus and Buddhists, and Purity for Jains, but is functionally identical for them.

Gaining Piety[edit]

  • Small monthly gain based on Learning skill, increased by Majesty technology.
  • Large gain by giving money to holy orders, or allowing courtiers (brothers or sons of rulers) to join them.
  • Catholics: Buy indulgences from the Pope, or go on a pilgrimage.
  • Muslims: Sadaqah charity, observe Ramadan, go on Hajj.
  • Pagans: Blot/Jarilo/Ukonjuhla/Uzagavenes/Nerge celebration.
  • Jews: Observe Passover.
  • Dharmic religions: Diwali festival.
    • Jainism receive purity (equivalent to piety) living in the peace.
  • Granting titles to the clergy, scaled by the rank of the title
  • Some events will award Piety, usually at the cost of gold or prestige
  • Tutor a child. Some childhood personality events let you "pray for the child".
  • Traits award or cost Piety per month, with Zealous or Humble giving 1 Piety/month and many of the Seven Deadly Sins draining Piety monthly.
  • Winning battles and occupations in wars with religious enemies grants Piety, as does winning Holy Wars, Crusades, pagan (not Muslim) County Conquests and Subjugations
  • Muslims gain +0.2 Piety/month for each mosque in their demesne
  • Some church buildings give piety to their holder and his liege(s)

Using Piety[edit]

  • Having a lot of Piety makes clergy like you more (at a rate of +1 per 25 Piety to a max of +20)
  • Gaining the "Paragon of Virtue" ambition requires amassing 500 Piety.
  • Many of the Pope's actions cost Piety:
  • Hiring a Holy Order costs a lump sum of Piety.
  • The Muslim-only County Conquest and Caliphal Subjugation Casus Bellis cost Piety.
  • The Jain, Hindu, or Buddhist Subjugation Casus Belli costs 500 karma/purity.
  • Creating a Kingdom costs 200 Piety.
  • Creating an Empire costs 400 Piety.
  • Execution (except of heathens) and Assassination (if you're caught) will reduce your Piety
  • Muslims fighting other Muslims of their faith lose 2 Piety/month

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