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Piety.png Piety is a measure of how pious a character is. It increases by a variety of mechanics. It contributes to Score on character's death.

Piety is renamed Karma.png Karma for Hindus and Buddhists, and Purity for Jains, but is functionally identical for them.

Gaining Piety[edit]

  • Invite and appoint a lord spiritual with high learning skill:
    • You get a small monthly piety gain based on state learning, increased by Majesty technology
    • If tribal, having your lord spiritual Build Zeal gives +0.05 piety per skill per month. With 20 learning this comes out to +1 piety/month.
      • If zealots are raised and you are not fighting a holy war, dismiss them within a year to avoid piety loss.
  • Large gain by giving money to holy orders, or allowing courtiers (brothers or sons of rulers) to join them.
  • Granting titles to the clergy, scaled by the rank of the title
  • Tutor two children. Some childhood personality events let you "pray for the child" if you are not cynical.
  • Some traits award Piety per month. Zealous and Humble give 1 Piety/month, while Content and Chaste give 0.5 piety/month.
  • Warfare:
    • Winning battles and occupations in wars with religious enemies grants Piety
    • Winning holy wars gives you an opportunity to grant temples for 25 Piety each, or even entire counties for more Piety
    • Contributing to successful Holy Wars and Crusades grants Piety
  • Some temple buildings give monthly piety to the holder. The holder also provides piety to their liege, depending on opinion.
  • Some hospital buildings give monthly piety
  • Releasing prisoners of your religion gives 5 piety.
  • Releasing prisoners gives piety if they hold titles (?)
  • Install dynasty members as religious heads or holy order captains.
    • Gives all same-religion rulers of your dynasty (of count rank and higher) +1 monthly piety and +2 monthly prestige.
    • For the Papacy, see controlling the College of Cardinals.
    • Holy orders use Open Elective succession, which is based on the sum of age and prestige. See Advanced marriage guide for strategies to increase dynasty prestige. You can murder the captain and others in line for the title, or press claims against a landed holy order.

Specific religions[edit]

Effects of piety[edit]

  • Having a lot of Piety makes clergy like you more (+1 per 50 Piety, to a max of +10 at 500 piety)
    • For Muslims, makes all characters of the same religion like you more
  • Gaining the "Paragon of Virtue" ambition requires amassing 500 Piety.
  • Creating or usurping titles costs less wealth the more pious you are (down to 1/2 price at 1000 piety)
  • For religious heads, increases moral authority

Spending piety[edit]

  • Requesting favors from your religious head costs piety:
  • Some wars cost piety:
    • Muslims fighting other Muslims of their faith lose 2 Piety/month.
    • The Muslim-only County Conquest, Invasion and Caliphal Subjugation Casus Belli cost Piety.
    • The Jain, Hindu, or Buddhist Subjugation Casus Belli costs 500 karma/purity.
  • Hiring a holy order costs a lump sum of Piety.
  • Creating a Kingdom costs 200 Piety.
  • Creating an Empire costs 400 Piety.
  • The "Invite Holy Man to court" decision costs 25 Piety.
  • Execution (except of heathens) reduces your Piety.
  • Reforming a pagan faith costs 750 Piety.
  • Muslims need 50 piety to change demesne laws and 100 piety to change crown laws.

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