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Piety.png Piety is a measure of how pious a character is. It increases by a variety of mechanics. It contributes to Score on character's death.

Piety is renamed Karma.png Karma for Hindus and Buddhists, and Purity for Jains, but is functionally identical for them.

Gaining Piety[edit]

  • Small monthly gain based on Learning skill, increased by Majesty technology.
  • Large gain by giving money to holy orders, or allowing courtiers (brothers or sons of rulers) to join them.
  • Catholics: Buy indulgences from the Pope, or go on a pilgrimage.
  • Muslims: Sadaqah charity, observe Ramadan, go on Hajj.
  • Pagans: Blot/Jarilo/Ukonjuhla/Uzagavenes celebration. (Not Nerge, which isn't religious.)
  • Jews: Observe Passover.
  • Dharmic religions: Diwali festival.
    • Jainism receive purity (equivalent to piety) living in the peace.
  • Granting titles to the clergy, scaled by the rank of the title
  • Some events will award Piety, usually at the cost of gold or prestige
  • Tutor a child. Some childhood personality events let you "pray for the child".
  • Traits award or cost Piety per month, with Zealous or Humble giving 1 Piety/month and many of the Seven Deadly Sins draining Piety monthly.
  • Winning battles and occupations in wars with religious enemies grants Piety, as does winning Holy Wars, Crusades, pagan (not Muslim) County Conquests and Subjugations
  • Muslims gain +0.2 Piety/month for each mosque in their demesne
  • Some church buildings give piety to their holder and his liege(s)
  • Releasing prisoners gives piety if they hold titles

Using Piety[edit]

  • Having a lot of Piety makes clergy like you more (at a rate of +1 per 25 Piety to a max of +20)
  • Gaining the "Paragon of Virtue" ambition requires amassing 500 Piety.
  • Many of the Pope's actions cost Piety:
  • Hiring a Holy Order costs a lump sum of Piety.
  • The Muslim-only County Conquest and Caliphal Subjugation Casus Bellis cost Piety.
  • The Jain, Hindu, or Buddhist Subjugation Casus Belli costs 500 karma/purity.
  • Creating a Kingdom costs 200 Piety.
  • Creating an Empire costs 400 Piety.
  • Execution (except of heathens) and Assassination (if you're caught) will reduce your Piety
  • Muslims fighting other Muslims of their faith lose 2 Piety/month

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