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Patch 2.7.X are all patches beginning with 2.7, and linked to Monks and Mystics expansion.

Patch 2.7[edit]

Main article: Patch 2.7


Patch was released on 2017-03-16 with the Checksum OAWR[1].

Free features[edit]

User modding[edit]

  • Fixed variable names no longer working as the second key for the variable effects and triggers. E.G., subtract_variable = { which = "A" which = "B" }
  • Fixed an issue causing the any_friend scope not to work


  • Fixed the council UI having an empty job action slot without Monks and Mystics
  • Fixed the "direct vassals" map-mode being colored incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash involving holdings in the outliner
  • Fixed a rare freeze involving character interactions requiring you to be at peace
  • Fixed a long-standing OOS caused by nomadic title ID mismatch
  • Fixed an issue when the ai was evaluating the decision to found a secret religious cult
  • Fixed an issue with Patricians not being able to join the Hermetic Society if they had no other titles beside that of their house
  • The "gender equality - all" game rule no longer causes a penalty at game start for changing succession law
  • Fixed an OOS resulting from different computers finding a different "shortest" path between two provinces
  • Fixed the distance used for trade province cost in some cases using a sub-optimal path. This means that from now on some trade posts will be slightly cheaper
  • Fixed monastic orders Miaphysite, Hindu, Jain & Buddhist not generating society currency from character stats
  • Fixed the French version of the game crashing if you gained a specific character modifier
  • Fixed a division by 0 crash
  • Fixed an issue with the German Portraits now showing the lower part of the headgear correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Request To Rank Up within a society could get stuck in waiting if you left the society before your request was approved, or if the leader of your society died before approving it
  • Fixed it being impossible to recreate destroyed titles


Patch was released on 2017-03-22 with the Checksum WHCB[2].


  • Fixed custom localization crashing the game
  • "Next/previous holding" in the holding build view will now also take you to your hospitals, not just regular holdings, trade posts, and forts
  • Fixed Anglo-Saxons and female Germans using the wrong age portraits
  • Messed up localisation is now less likely to crash the game
  • Fixed the French version of the game crashing if you gained a specific character modifier (again)


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