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The opinion tooltip

Relations.png Opinion is an indicator of how much a character likes another. Characters with high opinion of you will accept more requests and generally show more loyalty. Characters with low opinion may join factions or plots against you.

Opinion is affected by a variety of factors, everything from traits to succession law. Opinions, along with their reasons, are fully visible to players in a tooltip.

Viewing opinions[edit]

The character sheet for any character will show:

  • Their opinion towards you (bottom right)
  • Their opinion towards their liege, and vice versa (top right)

The opinion of a ruler toward another can also be seen using the "opinion" map mode:

  1. Select the "Opinion" map mode (shortcut: D)
  2. Click a province in one ruler's demesne
  3. Hover over the other ruler's demesne

It is also possible to see the opinion of an arbitrary character A toward another character B:

  1. Right-click on the portrait of character B
  2. Left-click on the "Explore Character Opinions" Relations.png button
  3. Find character A in the list, it will indicate their opinion of character B.

Effects on vassal duties[edit]

Characters with high opinion of their liege will try harder to fulfill their duties as vassals.

Duty Min Max Notes
Liege tax -100 0
Liege levy 0 100 Both the min and max percentages are set by laws. Only vassals above (min levies) / (max levies) will provide more than the minimum. For example, with laws setting min levies to 20% and max levies to 60%, vassals with opinion above 33 will provide more than 20%.
Piety to liege 0 50 Vassal has an upgraded hospital or temple
Prestige to liege 0 50 Vassal has an upgraded hospital or is a Muslim close relative

Catholic clergy who prefer a Pope will pay taxes to him instead, and not provide levies to anyone. A vassal pope who dislikes you will likewise pay no taxes and provide no levies.

List of opinion modifiers[edit]

Common opinion modifiers[edit]

For opinion modifiers based on the following, see the corresponding page:

Scaling opinion modifiers[edit]

Name Formula Applies to
Prestige +1 / 200 Prestige (max +10) Everyone

5x effect when negative (-1 / 20)

Piety +1 / 50 Piety (max +10) Clergy of same faith

Muslims only: Everyone of same faith

State Diplomacy +1 / 4 State Diplomacy Everyone who does not see personal diplomacy ↓
Personal Diplomacy +1,5 * (Personal Diplomacy - 4) Own courtiers
Council members
Short Reign -2 * (10 - (Years Reigned [rounding up] + Majesty in capital province)) (max + 0). Vassals. Tripled for unreformed pagans.
Long Reign +1 * (Years Reigned [rounding up] - 10) (min +0) Vassals
Ruled too long Vassals (of Immortal  rulers, usually)
Demesne Too Big -10 / step over limit. 3 month grace period after new conquests Vassals
Too Many Duchies -10 / held duchies over 2. Vassals (of king or emperor)
Elector titles held -15 per held elector title beyond 1 duchy and 1 kingdom Direct de jure vassals in a Feudal Elective kingdom or empire

Fixed opinion modifiers[edit]

(This list is incomplete, and does always indicate whether an opinion modifier can be applied multiple times.)

Name Duration Source Target Value Notes
Bastard Child Legitimized ? Spouse
Legitimate children
Legitimized Bastard -50
Merciful ? +20 Released from prison
Imprisoned (arrest attempt) 120 months -30 Even if unsuccessful. Stacks with additional attempts, and with 'currently held'.
Imprisoned (currently held) Until freed -30
Same Dynasty +5
Disrespects Dynasty 10 years Random dynasty member Event subject (ruler) -10 Declined to chronicle dynasty to famous writer/artist.
Ally +25
At War -20
Mother/Father Parent Child +50
Brother (Muslim) -20
Half Brother (Muslim) -40
Claimant vs Holder -20
De Jure Liege Hog -20 "Wants control of the..." tooltip.
Pretender (not Feudal Elective) Vassal Liege -50 Second or third in line to the throne
Nominee Vassal Liege +50 Your nominee under elective succession
Non-Liege Nominee Vassal Liege -20 Someone else's nominee under elective succession
Realm Foreign Culture -20 Reduced by Tolerance technology
Realm Related Culture -10 Reduced by Tolerance technology
(different religious group)
-30 Reduced by Tolerance technology
Christian to Muslim, e.g.
(same religious subgroup)
-35 Reduced by Tolerance technology
Catholic to Cathar, e.g.
Religious differences
(related religion)
-10 Reduced by Tolerance technology
Orthodox to Catholic, e.g.
Religious Head +30 The kingdom's religious head, who could be the realm's antipope if Free Investiture
Heir educated foreign culture -20 Guardian of heir has foreign culture
Female Heir -10 Only for male vassals
Female Ruler -10 Only for male vassals
Liege Defending My Title Against Claimant +100
Liege Defending Against Infidels +50
Pope vs AntiPope -100
Pope vs AntiPope Controller -50
Priest vs Crusader During crusade? +25
Priest vs Non-Crusader During crusade? -15
Repented Sins 120 months Religious Head +20 From Declaration of Repentance decision
Excommunication War 30 months Religious Head +20 Declared war on excommunicated ruler
Rival -100 Event-based
AI will plot to kill rivals
Friend +100 Event-based
Lover 2400 months +40 Event-based. Allows events and increases pregnancy chance.
Wrong Government Type Vassal Liege -30 Count-level vassals or higher only
Excommunication Lifted 72 months +30
Refused Guardianship 120 months -25 Liege requested a "correct" religion/culture guardian for your kin and you refused
Defeated Local Rebels 60 months Local +25
Failed Plot (includes cancelling) 72 months Plotter -25
Destroyed De Jure Title 120 months -50 Only for top-level vassals
Declared War 160 months -25
Dishonorable 60 months -10 From discovered assassination plots
Attempted Murder ? -200 -
Breaking Feudal Obligations 60 months -30 From assassinating someone under a vassal
Tyrant 120 months -10 to -80 Per step. Each step tracked separately
Released Prisoner 30 months +10 Other than imprisoned character, c.v. Merciful
Released Prisoner 30 months other Vassals +15 if Vassal, c.v. Merciful
Decl. of War on Son In Law 120 months -15
Broke Alliance 120 months -30
Broke Truce 120 months -25 To everyone in target's religious group
Honored Alliance 60 months +25
Joined My War 60 months +25
Pressed My Claims 240 months +50
Insulted 60 months -30
Sent Gift 60 months <=+1 * (State diplomacy of giver) * (Greed modifiers of recipient) ?
Demanded Conversion 60 months -10
Campaign Friend +30 Event-based
Campaign Rival -20 Event-based
Saved on Battlefield +50 Event-based
Mutual Trust 60 months +30 Event based, Marshall
Saved Him on Battlefield +50 Event-based
Mentor 240 months +15 Child towards guardian
Spurned 12 months -10 Event-based
Embarrassed 18 months -25 Event-based
Invested Bishop 1000 months +20
Invested AntiPope 1000 months +75
Good Succession Law Change 240 months +25
Bad Succession Law Change 360 months -50
Neutral Succession Law Change 120 months -20
Claimed My Title 1200 months -50
Revoked My Title 1200 months -80
Revoked Others' Title 60 months -20 Only if revoked without justification
Retracted my de jure vassal 1200 months -60
Retracted other's de jure vassal 60 months -15 Only if retracted without justification
Retracted my vassal 1200 months -30
Retracted other's vassal 60 months -10 Only if retracted without justification
Granted Barony 120 months +20
Granted County 120 months +40
Granted Duchy 120 months +60
Granted Kingdom 120 months +80
Granted Empire 120 months +100
Granted Barony to Holy Order 1200 months +25
Granted County to Holy Order 1200 months +50
Transferred Vassal 120 months +20
Usurped My Title 1200 months -50
Granted Title to Woman 60 months -5
Divorced Relative 240 months -30
Divorced 240 months -50
Entrusted Ward 132 months +20 ward must be sibling, child, or grandchild
Lost Ward 60 months -15 retracted per Educate Child menu
Betrothal Broken 120 months -30
Traitor 160 months -50 By liege towards disobedient vassal
Lowered Crown Authority 12 months +10
Discovered Plotting 12 months +50 "Stop backing plot" interaction
Subjugated (same religion) 120 months +75 Towards new vassals following Pagan or Muslim Subjugation, or Muslim invasion.
Subjugated (other religion) 60 months +45
Imprisoned my Child 120 months -50 even if released
Executed my Child 120 months -75
Fired from Council 120 months -20
Murdered close Relative ? -30 A murder attempt was successful but discovered
Abductor 1200 months -50 Prisoner made into concubine
Abducted close relative 1200 months -25 Close relative forcibly made into concubine
Spouse Snatcher 1200 months -50 Wife made into concubine
Set Aside 1200 months -50 Former concubine

Ambition opinion[edit]

Ambitious  characters have an additional -25 opinion modifier toward characters they desire something from, stacking with the following negative opinion modifiers:

  • Title claimant
  • Desires <title>
    • Direct de jure liege title is held by liege, and does not contain the liege's capital
    • Direct de jure vassal title is held by liege
  • Desires control of <title>
    • "One of your vassals has, as their primary title, a title that is my direct de jure vassal"
    • A vassal transfer will fix this and also add "vassal transfer: +10" for 10 years
  • Too many held elector titles (more than one de jure duchy, or more than one de jure kingdom)

Ambition opinion is also active against a liege while a character is plotting to fabricate a claim on the liege's title. If a vassal is "-25 Ambitious" toward you and shows no reason to be, they are probably using this plot!

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