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Open or Turkish succession is a succession law where the most powerful descendant inherits all.



Character Opinion modifier Reason
Oldest child -10


Sons and grandsons are both equal, and have priority over other relatives. Sons of daughters are not eligible at all (if non-dynastic?).

The following criteria are taken into account to select the heir:

  • the number of titles
  • the rank of titles (e.g. duchy > county > barony)

If no close dynastic relative is landed, then the eldest son will inherit, followed by other sons, the father (in the special case of when the title was given and not inherited from him), then brothers then uncles.

In case of no dynastic heir, whoever has the most land in the realm will inherit, subject to rank restrictions (e.g. duchy > county > barony).


  • Land the heir with the best traits.
    • Giving him only a castle or mosque is safest. As a baron-tier ruler, he won't get himself tangled in wars with other vassals, and he'll accept marriage proposals without the "desires a better non-aggression pact" malus.
  • Avoid landing other sons when possible to reduce succession troubles (and to prevent them from fathering lots of grandchildren who may cause even more decadence).
  • Control the number of potential heirs by marrying women who are past child-bearing age. Arrange marriages for sons (a mix of fertile and old women and hit the maximum of 4) before landing them.

Since open succession combined with polygamy typically produces an unusually large number of claimants compared to conventional feudal realms, it is usually fairly easy to find a claimant for any given title whom you can invite to your court, land, and then press the claim for. You can further combine this with Conclave's favor mechanic to rapidly conquer large swathes of Muslim realms, even if you yourself are not a Muslim.