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Minor titles can be given out for prestige or opinion modifiers. They are defined in the files contained in the /common/minor_titles/ folder.

Note that minor titles are always scoped to the liege's main title, so it's not possible to give a title to a character that resides in a different court.

Basic minor title[edit]

You can make a basic minor title in a really easy way. Add a .txt file to your mod's /common/minor_titles/ folder. As long as it does not have the same name as the files in the base game's /common/minor_titles/ folder it will add to the list of minor titles.

title_houndmaster = {
    dignity = 0.10
    grant_limit = 1
    opinion_effect = 5

    monthly_salary = 0.1
    monthly_prestige = 0.15

    is_unique = yes

    allowed_to_hold = {
        is_adult = yes
        NOT = { trait = incapable }
    allowed_to_grant = {
        AND = {
            is_feudal = yes
            OR = {
                has_landed_title = k_lalaland
                has_landed_title = k_timbuktu

The example above will add a minor title that can be granted to any adult who is not incapable. It can only be granted in the kingdoms of lalaland and timbuktu, and they must be feudal.


Name Value Effect Example
is_high_prio bool Displays an alert when the title is vacant. is_high_prio = yes
show_as_title bool show_as_title = yes
realm_in_name bool Appends the name of the country after the title (Queen [of Sweden]) realm_in_name = yes
is_voter bool Whether the holder has a seat on the council. See Councillor modding. is_voter = yes
dignity number Adds the specified amount of dignity to the title holder. dignity = 0.10
attribute attribute The optional main attribute that will improve the efficiency of the holder. When opening the UI the candidates will be sorted using this attribute by default. attribute = martial
grant_limit integer Maximum number of holders for this title. grant_limit = 1
opinion_effect integer Opinion from the holder of title to his liege. 5 would be a +5 opinion. opinion_effect = 5
monthly_salary number The amount the holder will earn by holding this minor title in one month. monthly_salary = 0.1
monthly_prestige number The amount of prestige accrued each month by the holder of this minor title. monthly_prestige = 0.15
is_unique bool Whether this title can be cumulated with another honorary title or not. is_unique = yes
allowed_to_hold conditions (character scope) Determines which characters are eligible to hold this minor title.
allowed_to_hold = {
    is_adult = yes
    NOT = { trait = incapable }
allowed_to_grant conditions (character scope) Determines who is allowed to grant this title. This might be restricted by religion, culture, traits, or simply limited to one kingdom or duchy.
allowed_to_grant = {
    has_landed_title = k_lalaland
gain_effect commands (character scope) Fires when the title is granted
revoke_trigger conditions (character scope)
lose_effect commands (character scope) Fires when a title is lost if allowed_to_hold evaluates to false
lose_effect = {
		opinion = { who = FROM modifier = opinion_fired_from_council }
retire_effect commands (character scope)
message bool Fires a message to the its owner when set
patrician_heir bool Special title that determines the heir of a Patrician patrician_heir = yes
<other fields> character modifiers Modifiers applied to the holder of the title.


You want the minor title to be named and described properly in the game, so we need to add some localisation. So create a new file in the /localisation/ folder of your mod. It must be a CSV file, so the name could be something like 00_Minor_titles.csv.

title_houndmaster_desc;An honorary title granted to the finest master of canines in the land.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x

Note that the code for the description is simply the code for the minor title with _desc at the end.

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