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Health is an attribute that affects life expectancy. Healthy characters are less likely to fall prey to disease and more likely to fully recover from disease. They are also less likely to die in any month. High health is key to a long life.

Base health is hidden and can only be observed with the charinfo console command. Traits and event modifiers that affect health are visible.

Strong and weak[edit]

The traits Strong , Brawny , Weak , and Frail  are more important than their tooltips suggest. They not only affect health directly, but also affect:

  • Likelihood of "general illness" (Ill  without RIP, random symptom with RIP)
  • Likelihood to fully recover from many diseases
  • Likelihood of successful treatment by a Court Physician (RIP)

To improve basic vitality:

  • Breeding and Selecting your heir for Strong 
  • With Way of Life:
    • Lose Weak  or Frail  through Hunting focus (grand hunt or training dog) or War focus (duels and other successes)
    • Gain Brawny  through Hunting focus (grand hunt) or War focus (duels and other successes)
  • With Conclave:
    • Educate children toward Brawny  with Struggle focus. Become Brave  in order to educate Rowdy  adolescents yourself.
    • Educate children away from Frail . Always send Idolizer  adolescents to a Kind  educator, ideally yourself.

Stressed and depressed[edit]

The traits Stressed  and Depressed  each reduce health by 1. They also increase the likelihood of "general illness". If you find your character stressed or depressed, there are several ways to make recovery more likely.

Content courtiers[edit]

Each Content  character can soothe other members of the court, including the ruler. Packing the court with these mental health experts can protect you and others you care about.

  • More likely if the courtier is also Diligent  or Patient . Much more likely with both.
  • Remove other stressed/depressed courtiers from your court. This ensures the content courtiers heal you rather than healing someone else.
    • Usually possible with some combination of marriage and title grants.
    • With The Reaper's Due, you can simply ask a character to leave your court, as long as they are not of your dynasty or a close relative.
  • With Conclave, the Humility childhood focus can lead to Content  in several ways, and well-chosen guardians can almost guarantee diligent/patient.


DLC icon Way of Life.png With the Way of Life DLC, several focus choices can help you remove stressed or depressed.

  • Carousing focus. Each party you host has a 20% chance to remove stressed/depressed, not only from you but also from guests. As long as you are at peace, you can hold 3 parties every 2 years.
  • Theology focus. A mystical experience can leave you feeling energized. More likely if Zealous  and after exhausting other theology focus pulse events.
  • Hunting focus. Your hunting dog can make you happier. Does not require continued hunting focus once you have a dog.
  • Seduction focus. Each lover may randomly offer you a chance to get away from an unhappy marriage.
    • Your spouse must have a negative opinion of you. This can be arranged by legitimizing bastards, or by granting and revoking honorary titles.
    • It is best if you have multiple lovers, and if the lovers are also Kind  or Diligent .
    • These conditions also allow your spouse to plot against your life, if they are not Honest  or Kind . If your spouse plots against you, remove them from your court with arrest. If they land in the dungeon, their plot will end entirely, and you can choose whether to keep them alive in house arrest or not so alive in the oubliette. If they flee, at least they can no longer make make personal attempts on your life, and you can usually keep plot power below 50% by asking conspirators to stop.

Loving marriage[edit]

Being your spouse's lover can trigger an event removing stressed or depressed. You must both be free and not leading troops. The Family focus can help you become your spouse's lover, and also halves the event's MTTH.

Less stressful lifestyle[edit]

  • Ditch extra jobs. Not being on a council and not leading troops brings the MTTH of event 6041 down to 56 years. This can only remove stressed, not depressed.


DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png With the Monks and Mystics DLC, if you are in the Hermetic Society, you can brew a potion of eudaimonia to cure stress and depression.

Cats and dogs[edit]

Pet Cat (+1 health, +1 intrigue): During an epidemic, peasants may suspect cats as the cause. You can spend money to investigate the cats and to keep some cats for observation. You can then choose to keep one as a pet. Note that refusing to expel cats from your realm may increase revolt risk in your capital; this is mitigated by having 15+ diplomacy or 15+ intrigue.

Hunting dog (+1 health, +1 martial): A gift while you have the Hunting focus.

If you have both a pet cat and a hunting dog, you will see them fight. You may give one of them away, or keep both in the hope that they will get along. If you choose to keep both, there is a 50% chance that one will kill or chase away the other, forcing you to accept either a 75% chance of depressed or also getting rid of the remaining pet.

Taking it easy[edit]

Your court physician may recommend that you take it easy, for +1 health but -1 to all skills.


  • You are not slothful 
  • You are not tribal or nomadic
  • You are stressed , diligent , wroth , or have total health below 5 for any reason
  • Your court physician is either a character who was generated to be a court physician, or has the Renowned Physician  trait.

The event is more likely to fire if you are diligent, if you are stressed, and if your court physician has a learning skill of 16+.

Choosing to take it easy removes the diligent trait if you have it, but does not prevent you from regaining the trait.


  • Defensive pagans: old gods -- Old Gods Ancestor Worship Events -- making a sacrifice can increase you health in several ways
  • Buddhists and Jains can select a sect that improves health.
  • In Monks and Mystics, the high priest in Lucifer's own may "absorb lifeforce", which will grant your character 1-3 health and kill your child for 500 dark power


Main article: Diseases

Strategic placement of your capital and/or character can help you avoid contracting epidemic diseases. A good Court Physician who has high opinion of you can help you recover from diseases.

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