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Dead.png Game over occurs if:
  • You die with no heir of your dynasty
  • You change to an unplayable government or religion (or you die with such an heir). This is particularly important if you are playing nomadic characters, as the Horse Lords DLC allows all nomads to be playable regardless of religion.
  • You lose all titles without dying and the game is unable to transfer play to another ruler of your dynasty

The following characters are unplayable:

Type Reason
Courtiers Non-rulers cannot make decisions for themselves.
Baron-tier rulers (except patricians) Barons do not have a council or vassals, and generally cannot declare war.
Theocracies Succession not compatible with a dynasty based game.
County level or non-coastal capital republics Succession not compatible with a dynasty based game.
Merchant republic without The Republic DLC
Muslims (non-nomadic characters) without Sword of Islam DLC
Pagans and Zoroastrians (non-nomadic characters) without The Old Gods DLC
Jews (non-nomadic characters) without Sons of Abraham DLC
Indians (non-nomadic characters) without Rajas of India DLC
Nomads without Horse Lords DLC (only relevant if you set ALWAYS_GENERATE_NOMADS; normally, the game makes these regions tribal if you do not have the DLC)