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The realm factions screen (F8)

Alert faction.png Factions are organized groups of vassals, united against their liege for a common purpose.

When a leader thinks the faction is powerful enough, they can issue an ultimatum to their liege. Unless the liege folds to the demands, this results in a civil war, where all faction members revolt together under a temporary title.

Each vassal can lead or join up to two Factions. If a faction leader dies, the most powerful remaining faction member automatically takes over as the new leader.

Who can join factions[edit]

Vassals cannot join factions if:

Faction strength[edit]

The relative strength of a faction is estimated using the following formula:

( ( sum of member troops * 2 ) / ( sum of liege troops - sum of member troops ) ) * 100

Players receive a "Dangerous Factions" alert if a faction reaches 70% strength. AI leaders may issue ultimatums with a minimum of 75%, with large boosts to likelihood at 100% and 150%. As an exception, the Antiking faction can fire as low as 50%.

Faction leaders do not take into account: the actual relative army sizes (after removing their liege levy contributions), relative troop quality, or reinforcement rates. This can work to the liege's advantage, as factions do not fire when they actually have enough power, or conversely when they fire with insufficient power and are easily crushed.

List of Factions[edit]

Faction Notes
Plot claimant.png Install [Character] in [Title]
  • Character must have a claim or an elector-rank title (under feudal elective)
  • Attacker may call external allies (but not vassals of their former liege)
  • If the revolt leader is also the claimant, uses a modified CB that allows the war to continue under an heir
Plot succ promogeniture.png Succession by Primogeniture in [Title]
Plot succ seniority.png Succession by Seniority in [Title]
Plot succ gavelkind.png Succession by Gavelkind in [Title]
Plot succ feudal elective.png Elective Monarchy in [Title]
  • Without Conclave, requires lowest crown authority (Autonomous Vassals)
  • With Conclave, requires the council to have all voting powers
Oust Ruler
  • Requires Conclave.
  • Liege must be at least king tier, feudal/iqta, and not a religious head.
  • Deposes the ruler in favor of the most popular vassal who is eligible (count+, feudal, adult, not imprisoned, not incapable , not in hiding  or in seclusion, not eunuch , and must be male unless succession is fully equal)
  • Enacts two council voting powers
  • Enacts "full council authority"
  • Changes succession to gavelkind or feudal elective (using elective only if council has all voting powers, or already elective)
  • Sets "vassal wars" law to "allowed"
Plot lower crown authority.png Lower Crown Authority in [Title]
  • Not available if Conclave DLC is activated
  • Higher priority at higher levels of crown authority
Increase council power.png Increase Council power
  • Requires Conclave
  • Enacts two council voting powers
  • Sets "vassal wars" laws one step toward "allowed"
  • Higher priority at low levels of council power
Plot independence.png Independence
  • Different rules from directly declared wars of independence.
  • Priority increased by various conjunctions and disjunctions of: distance (100, 200, 300, 400), different religion/culture, not de jure, king tier
  • On success, every faction member gains independence.

Factions and Membership Multipliers[edit]

The following includes most of the multipliers used by the AI when deciding whether to join a faction. It does not feature the multipliers that the AI considers when initially creating the faction.


  • Proud (1.5x), Brave (1.5x), Arbitrary (1.5x), Envious (2x), Greedy (2x), Impaler (2x), Deceitful (2x), Ambitious (4x)
  • Content (0.01x), Imbecile (0.01x), Inbred (0.1x), Craven (0.1x), Slow (0.2x), Kind (0.5x), Charitable (0.5x), Honest (0.5x), Humble (0.75x), Just (0.75x)

Opinion of Liege[edit]

  • Succession Factions: >75 (0x, if in faction - to leave)
    • Succession: >50 (0x, if not already in faction)
    • Succession: >25 (0.2x)
  • Crown Authority Faction: >50 (0x, if in faction - to leave)
    • Crown Authority: >25 (0x, if not already in faction)
    • Crown Authority: >5 (0.2x)
    • Crown Authority: <-10 (1.5x)
    • Crown Authority: <-50 (2x)
    • Crown Authority: <-75 (4x)
  • Independence Faction: >80 (0x, if in faction - to leave)
    • Independence: >60 (0x, if not already in faction)
    • Independence: >40 (0.5x)
    • Independence: <0 (1.5x)
    • Independence: <-50 (2x)
    • Independence: <-75 (4x)
  • Claimant Faction: >25 (0.2x)
  • Level of Crown Authority:
    • Crown Authority: 1 (0.1x)
    • Crown Authority: 3 (1.5x), 4 (2.25x)


  • Independence: Vassals lower tier than Kings who have the same religion (or religious group, if the vassal shares culture with the liege) and culture (or culture group, if vassal shares religion with the liege) as their liege, and who are less than 200 distance away from the capital (0x)
    • Independence: <200 distance (0.1x)
    • Independence: >300 distance (1.5x)
    • Independence: >400 distance (2x)

Religion or Culture[edit]

  • Independence: Same Religion and Culture (0.25x)
  • Independence: Different Religious Group (2x)
  • Independence: Different Cultural Group (1.5x)

Claimant faction membership[edit]

The key factors are opinion of liege, and opinion difference between the liege and claimant.

Will not join claimant faction:

  • To install women over 40
  • To install a parent of the current ruler
  • To install someone else who has a claim on their titles (and could thus revoke without penalty)
  • To install someone of a different religion
  • To install someone who is blinded, eunuch, incapable, imbecile, or inbred
  • To install themselves, if they are the current heir and the title does *not* use feudal elective succession
  • If same religion and culture as liege, will not replace a dynast with a non-dynast
  • Against their spouse or child

Claimant factors:

  • Women: 0.7x (except when a woman is considering a faction to install herself)
  • Children: 0.5x below each of 13, 10, or 5
  • Self: 3x
  • Same society: 5x (does this include themself?)
  • Dynasts: 1.5x
  • Born in the purple : 2x for claimant, 0.5x for liege (when the title is Byzantine Empire and the character has byzantine culture)
  • If both the current liege and the claimant are Muslim:
    • Sayyid : 2x if claimant is Sayyid and liege is not
    • Mirza : 1.5 if claimant is Mirza, and liege is neither Sayyid nor Mirza

dynasty_realm_power and the title's "conquest culture" (if any) also play a role.

Personal attributes