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Events are happenings in game that cause something interesting to happen, once certain conditions are met.

General events[edit]

  • Achievement – Steam Achievements.
  • Ambition – Ambition Events.
  • Bankruptcy – If a character has a negative amount of money an event may occur about borrowing money. If you have high enough stewardship then the rate of interest decreases.
  • Bastard – This a series of events concerns the creation of bastard children and a variety of things to do with them, like having your Spymaster "take care of them," or an adult bastard petitioning for legitimacy.
  • Battle – A number of things can happen during a battle, such as the death or injury of a leading general (possibly you!), character skill gains, or a technology gain in your capital.
  • Birth – These events deal with the birth of illegitimate children, from taking a lover to displeasing the wife of the child's father.
  • Campaign – A few events dealing with allies in a war.
  • Childhood personality traits – All of the events that appear when you are guardian to a child; these choices govern the traits the child grows up with while in your care.
  • Civil War – If your vassal dislike you, there is mostly likely going to be a civil war.
  • Councillor
  • Court – A few events dealing with your courtiers, as well as all of the events relating to characters desiring positions on your council or your placement on your liege's council.
  • Critical (easter eggs) – Three extremely rare events considered to be Easter Eggs.
  • Crusade – All of the events related to Crusades.
  • Culture conversion events – Events concerning the conversion of yourself or others to a different culture.
  • Dynasty – Events concerning a character's dynasty
  • Evil – These are events that are "evil", since they mostly cause ill effects in provinces.
  • Family – These are events that to a character's close family members.
  • Feast – Events relating the feast decision
  • Female councillor events – Events relating to female councilors
  • Feudal life – Events concerning feudal life.
  • Friends and rivals – Events concerning friends and rivals.
  • Guardian – Guardians are basically teachers for children in CKII.
  • Health – Events that deal with health of characters
  • Pope free investiture – You can choose your bishops with a Free Investiture Law
  • Tournament – A once in a lifetime hunting event.
  • Ward – Various events having to do with wards (fosterlings)

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