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De jure empires in 1066.

Empire.png Empires are the highest level of landed titles in CKII, above kingdoms. The portraits of emperors Emperor.png have gold borders with purple trim.

Empires are very large and difficult to form. However, their ability to employ kings as vassals makes management of large realms considerably easier. In all start dates after 1066, only the Holy Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire already exist. In 867, the Arabian Empire is under the control of the collapsing Abbasids, however the Holy Roman Empire does not exist, but may be formed by decision. The Mongol Hordes begin appearing after 1216.

To create or usurp an empire, you need:

  • to control at least 80% of its de jure land.
  • to hold two kingdom titles, unless you already have another imperial title.
  • to meet specific religious and/or cultural conditions (since patch 2.0 most conditions only apply to the AI).

List of empires[edit]

De Jure Empires
Empire De Jure Kingdoms Requirements AI additional requirements ID
Holy Roman Empire Frisia, Germany, Lotharingia, Bavaria, Bohemia (1066 start and later) Can also be created by decision if Francia doesn't exist: must hold Kingdom of Germany, be German or Dutch, have 1000 prestige, and have 220 realm holdings. Can only be created by a Catholic character. e_hre
Byzantine Empire Sicily, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Anatolia, Armenia, Georgia, Venice Roman Empire does not exist. Can only be created by an Orthodox character. e_byzantium
Italia Italy Holds Kingdoms of Italy, Sicily and 1 additional kingdom title other than Italy and Sicily Italian culture e_italy
Scandinavia Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland North Germanic or Finnish culture e_scandinavia
Wendish Empire Poland, Pomerania, Lithuania, Bohemia (only in 867 start) West Slavic or Baltic culture e_wendish_empire
Russia Rus, Ruthenia, Perm East Slavic, North Germanic or Finno-Ugric culture e_russia
Tartaria Cumania, Volga Bulgaria, Taurica, Alania, Turkestan Altaic culture e_tartaria
Francia Brittany, France, Aquitaine, Burgundy One kingdom title outside Francia de jure area Norman, Frankish, or Occitan culture e_francia
Hispania Castille, Leon, Aragon, Navarra, Galicia, Portugal, Andalusia e_spain
Arabian Empire Mauretania, Africa, Egypt, Jerusalem, Syria, Arabia Arabian culture group e_arabia
Persia Persia, Khiva, Mesopotamia, Baluchistan, Afghanistan Iranian culture group e_persia
Carpathia Wallachia, Hungary e_carpathia
Britannia England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland English, Anglo-Saxon, or Norman culture, or North Germanic or Celtic culture group e_britannia
Abyssinia Abyssinia, Nubia King of Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia East African culture group e_abyssinia
Mali Mali King of Mali, Mauretania and another king title West African culture group e_mali
Rajastan Sindh, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajputana, Malwa, Kosala e_rajastan
Bengal Empire Gondwana, Bengal, Kamarupa, Orissa, Bihar e_bengal
Deccan Empire Maharastra, Karnata, Tamilakam, Andhra, Telingana, Lanka e_deccan
Titular Empires
Empire De Jure Kingdoms Requirements AI additional requirements ID
Latin Empire N/A Catholic religion or Catholic heresy. Control Kaliopolis and Thrake. Neither Byzantine Empire nor Roman Empire exists e_latin_empire
Aztec Empire N/A Impossible to create. If the Sunset Invasion DLC is active, it will show up somewhere on the Atlantic Coast sometime around 1250 e_mexikha
India N/A (Inherits Rajastan, Deccan and Bengal when formed) Be emperor of Rajastan, Deccan Empire and Bengal Empire. 500 gold, 1000 prestige. e_india
Mongol Empire N/A Impossible to create. Exists if you start between year 1220 and 1227 e_mongol_empire
Il-Khanate N/A Impossible to create. Can arrive in Persia between 1216 and 1224 e_il-khanate
Golden Horde N/A Impossible to create. Can arrive around the Caucasus between 1224 and 1250 e_golden_horde
Timurids N/A Impossible to create. Can arrive in Persia between 1360 and 1405 e_timurids
Roman Empire N/A (inherits de jure land of player's main title when formed) By decision for Byzantine Emperor. Requires 3000 prestige, Christian religion, and full control of duchies of Latium, Venice, Ferrara, Sicily, Genoa, Capua, Apulia, Thrace, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Athens, Tunisia and Croatia e_roman_empire

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