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Elder Kings
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Elder Kings is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set within the Elder Scrolls universe. In which a player may take on the role of a variety of different Elder Scrolls races and leaders in order to lead a people or a nation through the turbulent times of the 2nd era, or "interregnum" of the Elder Scrolls universe.


This mod has been in development since early July, 2012 and received its first release on April 1, 2013. Since then the mod has released several versions, currently on 0.2.0.


Troubleshooting issues concerning the modification should be done through the modification's own Bugtracker, which is an easy to use utility that greatly aids the development of the mod.

Mod Requirements[edit]

Generally the latest releases of Elder Kings also require the latest CK2 patches. In addition Legacy of Rome is recommended however there are installation options allowing a user without Legacy of Rome to use Elder Kings without issue. Several portrait pack are required for portraits of certain human races to be functional.

Team, Testers & Contributors[edit]

Amauri Korba Meneth Cainrae NezzeOne
Rickinator9 SaintDaveUK Rallas Novacat DarkReborn
Darkgamma Sifaus teotl lokomoko Percy
cybrxkhan ColdEvil Arakhor Orinsul


The Setting of Elder Kings is the land of Tamriel the setting of all major Elder Scrolls games to date. You take the helm of one of the many fledgling countries of the Interregnum. Forging out a dynasty and struggling to survive in one of Tamriels more chaotic periods. Be Tiber Septim or be another emperor destined to become the ninth divine while struggling to remain in power in this torn land.

This mod's history takes place long before most of the games and as such many places and people will seem familiar while many are filled in through the lore of the Elder Scrolls Games and fiction. As such many races who are mentioned in the games still exist or still have a mark on this world leading to exhaustive possibilities. Become the jarl of winterhold, The high king of Skyrim, or even the Emperor of a united Tamriel? Why not unite the bickering Bretons of High rock and rain fury down on the Redgaurds? Who says the Khajiit were content with their corner of the world? In addition several expanded universe lands are also available in the mod, such as Akavir, Pyandonea, Yokuda, and Atmora. Be the monstrous Snakemen the Tsaesci who invaded Tamriel multiple times in her history, but have never been seen in-game other than in frescoes and books. Be the Icey Kamal who thaw every spring and invade the land of the Tsaesci on the far continent of Akavir.

exhaustive events and many inclusions bring the world of the Elder Scrolls to Crusader Kings, such as daedric artifacts, favours, and character development.


Playable Scenarios[edit]

2E: The Interregnum[edit]

The last Akaviri Potentate was murdered twenty years ago ending the Second Empire. The Kingdoms struggle to hold their regional power and the situation is unstable everywhere but in Alinor and Resdayn. This is a dark period of Nirn's history and many questions lay unanswered... Who will control Cyrodiil? The Colovian or the Nibenese? Who shall be Skyrim's High King? Will the warring states of High Rock ever come to a peace? Can the Bosmer and Argonians unite their tribes and form nations? Who will rise to dominate Hammerfell, and wear the Crown of the Forebears, perhaps an outsider? Most importantly, who shall be crowned Emperor of all Tamriel?

4E: The Stormcloak Rebellion[edit]

(Unavailable in Beta)
The land of Skyrim is in turmoil. After killing the High King and evading execution, Ulfric Stormcloak has raised a large rebellion against the Empire. Religious strife haunts the land, as an Aldmeri inquisition against heretical Talos worship angers many in Skyrim, and the Empire at large. The Redguard continue their own war against the Dominion, while the fragile Empire struggles to maintain peace even in its home province...

Akavir (Outdated)

2E: The Kamal Invasion[edit]

(Work in Progress)
The Land of Tamriel is reeling from one of the Interregnum's most chaotic periods as the Kamal Snow Demons invade Tamriel for the first time, and Akaviri culture clashes with the inhabitants of Tamriel, can the Nords together with the Underking withstand their onslaught? Can the rest of Tamriel stay at peace when so foreign an enemy is at the gates?

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Is this just an idea or is the mod in development?
It's in development. We have a fully functional map, a large part of the history for the initial bookmark completed, the traits have been partially overhauled, and we're adding events and other features each day.

How close to completion is the mod?
In its current state it is impossible to know, but we are making good progress.

Can't you just release what you've already done and then release updates?
No, the mod is in a very early, unpolished state; it is not yet considered playable.

What kind of experience does your team have?
Our team has worked on a variety of mods including, but not limited to, Balansegang and North African Expansion.

What era is the mod set in?
Initially we'll be releasing a 2nd era Interregnum Bookmark, however other bookmarks will be released over time depending on team willpower, for example a 4th era Stormcloak Rebellion (think, Skyrim) bookmark is in the early stages of development.

Can I play Tiber Septim!?!
Yes, there are events to ensure he appears as a courtier in games in progress toward the end of the second era, and he will be playable if you choose a later start date.

Why the Interregnum?
Prior to ESO's announcement, the Interregnum was known only through in-game lore and tidbits on wikis, and was thus an easy point for us to pick up and develop from. With the existing lore, we are able to not only include a large chunk of actual ES canon, but we also had a largely free hand when it came to setting up how the majority of the world appears, and what dynasties and characters exist.

Are all parts of Tamriel playable?
Yes, the entire continent of Tamriel is included, as are the surrounding islands (Solstheim, Vvardenfell, Summerset) and "expanded universe" lands such as Pyandonea, Roscrea and Cathnoquey. At some point, depending on how successful the initial mod is, we may also expand to include the other eastern islands, and the western coast of Akavir itself.

Why is Morrowind called Resdayn/Why is Summerset called Alinor?
To enhance the feel of those parts of the world, we have chosen to use names as close to their native names as possible. The Altmer for example refer to Summerset as Alinor, and Resdayn was the original name of the pre-Empire Dunmer realm within Morrowind. Non-natives are able to establish Kingdoms using the more well known names within those locations if they so wish, for example a Nord who successfully conquers a large enough part of Resdayn may establish a Kingdom of Morrowind in opposition to the native Kingdom.

Is it possible to play a Daedra worshipper?
Yes, Reachmen are set as Daedra worshippers and are playable, as are Orcs, who have their own sub-religion worshipping specifically Malakath. There will also be random events that can cause daedra cults to spring up, allowing you to convert to daedra worship.

Will there be magic, vampires, werewolves, etc?
Vampires exist, they are immortal, and hated by most non-vampires, the same with werewolves. Currently they boost certain traits, while lowering others, and will have their own unique event chains. As for Magic, currently we're looking into ways to implement this, magicka played a pretty huge part in elder scrolls lore, and we'd like to represent that in the mod.

How will you handle the different races intermarrying, having children?
We have our ways, but we aren't going to be discussing features in heavy detail in this post, look out for future DDs.

What about portraits?
We have some early, preliminary work on Orcs and Khajiit, and we eventually hope to have portrait sets for all the races. Saying that, if you're a capable portraitist and are interested in helping out, we'd love to have you on the team.

Can I join the team!?
Other than the aforementioned portrait artist, we aren't looking for any new members to join the team at this current moment in time, however we're always willing to listen to new ideas.