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A large part of your income, especially in a small realm, comes from the personal holdings of your demesne.

Holding Income[edit]

Holding Income = (Base Income + Building Income) x Local Income Modifiers

The holding income is the yearly amount visible in the holding screen. It is the sum of:

  • the Base Income of the holding (3 for a castle, 8 for a temple, and 12 for a city).
  • the Building Income brought by all buildings constructed in the holding

The amount is further modified by Local Income Modifiers:

  • Technology boost from Castle/Church/City infrastructure, which ranging from +6.5% to +50% depending on technology level.
  • Muslim Jizya tax on non-Muslim provinces: +25%
  • Steward's Collect Taxes job, which depends on Steward's stewardship attribute: +2.5% tax/skill point. Note that it only applies to holdings owned by the Steward's liege, so they are best used in counties where the liege owns more than one holding.
  • Wrong government type penalty of -75%, in case the owner type and holding type are not the same.
  • Looted province penalty, if a province has been raided or hostile armies lived off loot for supply
  • New administration penalty of -30%
  • Recently conquered penalty of -100%

Demesne Income[edit]

Demesne Income = sum(Holding Income) x product(Global Income Modifiers)

The direct income of a liege is the sum of the income from the holdings of his demesne, modified by the product of Global Income Modifiers:

  • Every state stewardship point gives +2% per point above 5 state stewardship, in addition to the greedy  trait that gives +10%.
  • For Muslims, decadence above 25% decreases demesne income, while decadence below 25% increases it.
  • A penalty of -25% per holding above the demesne limit, with a maximum of -90%.
Demesne limit +1 +2 +3 +4 and above
Income penalty -25% -50% -75% -90%
Special holdings