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A Court Physician is responsible for treating diseases in their liege's court. It is one of the most important honorary titles. Recruiting or appointing a Court Physician requires DLC icon Reaper's Due.png The Reaper's Due DLC.

Court physicians are more likely to treat diseases successfully if they are highly skilled and have high opinion of the patient. Before seeking treatment, it may be wise to bestow them gifts and additional honorary titles. It is harder to ensure they like your family, but it helps if they're the same culture/religion/dynasty.

Symptom treatment[edit]

When a character gains their first symptom, the court physician will begin treating the symptoms and suggest a preliminary diagnosis.

The best symptom treatment restores up to 2 health and 2 of every skill. Treatments cannot improve your attributes beyond negating the penalties from disease, but the tooltips do not make this clear.

The treatment tends to be better with a skilled Court Physician (high learning, Renowned Physician  trait) and a patient who is Strong  or Brawny . Opinion does not matter at this stage.

Disease treatment[edit]

Once the disease becomes manifest, the court physician will offer up to four treatment options. The more experimental treatments have the best potential outcomes, but lower chance of success and worse failure modes.

Treatment option Branch Good outcome Bad outcome Requirements
Experimental Regular Experimental +3 -3 Adult. Not craven. Brave or decent physician.
Drastic (high cost) Cured 0
Mystic Adult. Physician has Mystic  trait. Supernatural events enabled.
Standard +2 -1
Cautious +1 0 Not brave. Child, craven, or paranoid.
No treatment 0 0

Good treatments last 2 years (5 years for Cancer, Gout, or Syphilitic). Bad treatments last 1 year. Neutral treatments, shown above as "0", merely prevent seeking treatment again for a short time.

Treatment outcome[edit]

Good outcomes are more likely with:

  • 1.44x the patient is Strong  or Brawny 
  • 1.44x physician learning: 10, 15, 20, 25
  • 1.2x physician has Renowned Physician  trait
  • 1.2x physician_good_trigger:
    • Either Israelite religion group Judaism.png,
    • or any learned trait (Renowned Physician , Scholar , Erudite , Faqih , Scholarly theologian , Mastermind theologian )
  • 1.2x opinion: -75, -50, -25, 0 (twice), 25, 50, 75

Bad outcomes are more likely with:

  • 1.44x the patient is Weak  or Frail 
  • 1.2 physician_bad_trigger:
    • Either a mental disorder trait (Lunatic , Possessed , Stressed , Depressed , Drunkard ),
    • or any severe disability trait (Inbred , Incapable , Infirm , Blinded , Mangled , Maimed )

These modifiers are for the Standard treatment option, but the other treatment options have similar splits between good and bad outcomes.

Drastic experimental treatment[edit]

If the patient selects experimental treatment, there's an additional check for whether the physician attempts a "drastic" treatment. A drastic treatment means paying a high cost for significantly better health odds. That cost means a random selection from: Eunuch , Lunatic , Disfigured , One-eyed , One-handed , or One-legged . Except for the first two, they also come with the Severely Injured  trait for 100-400 days, with a 70% chance of resolving well and a 30% chance of resolving into the trait Infection .

Normally there's a 20% chance of the treatment being drastic, but it's bumped to 50% if the physician has any of the following: physician_good_trigger, learning at least 25 or below 15, Wroth , Arbitrary , Brave , or Ambitious .

Experimental+drastic treatment is recommended for deadly diseases such as Rabies . It is not recommended if becoming an eunuch would end your game. However, once you start aiming for drastic treatments, you might as well continue until cured, because Severely Injured  does not stack.

Physician improvement events[edit]

There are three ways for court physicians to gain the Renowned Physician  trait.

By successfully treating your child, parent, sibling, spouse, or lover (RIP.11065)

  • Use the Seduction focus to have a large family.
  • Consider sending unimportant family members to diseased provinces.

By studying at a hospital (RIP.4530)

  • Requires a demesne province has a hospital that has been upgraded with a Library, Pharmacology Laboratory, or Medical Academy. The first of these to become available is the library, with the technology Construction III.
  • Smart and Ambitious  physicians are most likely to have the best outcome, which adds the Renowned Physician  trait.
  • Diligent  and Erudite  physicians are also likely to do well.

By writing a great book (RIP.4030)

  • Physician asks you to invest 20% of yearly income (minimum 20 wealth)
  • Physicians who are Smart , have high learning skill, and match physician_good_trigger are more likely to succeed.

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