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Action banish.png Banishment is a diplomatic action which can be delivered to one's court members and direct vassals if they are imprisoned by you.

Upon banishing a character, he will be forced to abdicate all titles and will generally seek refuge elsewhere. Note that as of patch 2.4, this no longer transfers his gold or titles to you.


  • costs 10 piety,
  • invokes tyranny. The penalty depends upon the titles of the character you're banishing. You generally receive 10 tyranny per title seized. Banishing courtiers is tyranny-free. The penalty stacks if you banish multiple characters, or otherwise invoke tyranny. Banishing brothers as a Muslim does not occur tyranny.

Banishing a leader of a rebellion or any non-titled character does not cost piety nor affect tyranny.

If the Conclave DLC is active, a ruler may choose to allow his/her council to vote on whether a person should be banished or not.

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