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Alert ambition.png Ambitions are personal goals that characters will set for themselves in their life.

Ambitions are assigned through the Character screen. You can pick a new ambition after fulfilling your current one or by cancelling an ambition you have had for over 3 years.

Below is a list of all ambitions in the game. All ambitions are only available to characters who are adults, are not in prison, and do not have the Incapable  or Imbecile  traits. Specific ambitions have other requirements, listed below:

Ambition Available Goal Passive bonus Success bonus
Obj amass wealth.png Amass Wealth Less than 200 gold

Not Charitable 
(Only without the Conclave DLC)

500 gold 1 Stewardship
Obj become parangon of virtue.png Become Paragon of Virtue Less than 100 piety

Not Cruel  or Impaler 
Not Indian religion group

500 Piety

+1 Learning
+100 piety
+25 opinion from direct vassal clergy
+25 opinion from religious head
+1% moral authority (20 years)
Nickname: "The Holy"

Obj become exalted.png Become Exalted among Men Less than 200 prestige

Not Humble  or Content 

1000 Prestige

+1 Diplomacy
+100 prestige
+5 opinion from direct vassals for 100 years

Obj get married.png Get Married Unmarried, Not Betrothed

Not Celibate , Homosexual  or Eunuch 
Not Monk , Nun , or sworn to holy order.
Not woman over age 40. Not a priest.
(Only without the Conclave DLC)

Get Married 10 Piety
Obj marry ruler.png Marry Ruler Female, Age < 45, Not Celibate  or Nun 

Father is Duke or higher.

Marry Ruler 20 Prestige
Obj have a son.png Have Daughter/Son Not female over age 45

Not celibate 
Has no child of given gender
(Only without the Conclave DLC)

Have Daughter/Son +25% fertility 10 Piety
Groom an heir

Not female over age 45
Not over age 75
Not an eunuch  or have a living child
Not incapable 
Not in hiding , in seclusion, etc.
(Only with the Conclave DLC)

Have an adult child who is not:

  • bastard 
  • eunuch 
  • celibate 
  • incapable 
  • ascetic (e.g. monk )

Child must be male unless succession is fully equal.

+20% fertility

Enables the "introduce heir to realm" interaction when your child is between 12 and 15. Must have at least 7 vassals and be at peace.
+15 opinion from heir
Obj son without land.png Gain a [landed] Title Liege is close relative with multiple titles

Not heir to any of liege's titles (heirs under elective monarchy and seniority will still take this ambition)

Gain a title 50 Prestige
Obj become heir.png Become Heir Liege is parent. Not primary heir.

Primary heir is liege's child and has disease/ is lunatic /possessed /infirm /incapable 

Become heir 1 Intrigue
Obj become chancellor.png Become [Councilor]

(5 flavours)

Has a liege

Eligible for given position
(Only without the Conclave DLC)

Become a councilor +1 attribute point in the field of councilor (only once per character)
Obj improve diplomacy.png Improve [Ability]

(5 flavours)

Attribute below 8
Disabled in Way of Life DLC, which replaces this with Focuses

Reach 8 Ability Event chains to improve ability 100 Prestige, End Special Event Chain
Obj lower decadence.png Lower Decadence Muslim, decadence 60+ Decadence under 60 Event chains to lower decadence 100 Prestige, End Special Event Chain
Become king.png Become King

Count or duke
Not heir to a kingdom
Independent or liege is independent

Is King (of de jure kingdom containing capital) Cannot be cancelled

Cannot move capital to another de jure kingdom
Cannot give away capital county
Allows chancellor to fabricate claim on any kingdom (when stationed in a king's demesne county that is within the de jure kingdom)
Pagans and Indians may use Subjugation casus belli without restriction in their kingdom.

1000 Prestige
Obj buddhist stop drinking.png Reject [negative trait]

(9 flavours for 11 traits)

Buddhist religion

Impaler  / Cruel ;
Paranoid  / Craven ;
Drunkard ; Lustful ; Gluttonous ; Greedy ; Wroth ; Envious ; or Proud 
Not Slow , Imbecile , Inbred  or Lunatic 

Negative trait is lost
  • Chance to lose negative trait
  • Higher chance to lose negative trait, if ≥6 personality traits
  • Chance that your court guru will offer help
    • 75% chance of success if you are ambitious or zealous, or if your guru is a genius
    • 25% chance of success otherwise
+100 piety
Obj become paragon of enlightenment.png Become Paragon of Enlightenment Indian religion group

Less than 100 piety
Not Dull , Slow , Imbecile , Inbred  or Lunatic 

500 piety 1 Learning, +100 piety, nickname, Clergy opinion, +1% moral authority.
Obj become chancellor.png Become a Councillor Conclave DLC

Not a councillor but eligible for such position
Liege is independent
Liege is not your spouse

Be a councillor Enables decision to request council position
Acquire Title Conclave DLC

Direct vassal of an independent liege
No previous "acquire title" success

Gains any title from Liege Enables decision to request county from liege. If not granted, you can try again in 2 years or immediately abort the ambition for 100 prestige. 200 prestige
Obj have a son.png Gain Land for an Unlanded Son Conclave DLC

Direct vassal of an independent liege
Unlanded adult son, at court, who is not heir

Son is landed Enables decision to request county from liege for son
Obj amass wealth.png Build a War Chest Conclave DLC

Count tier or above adult ruler
No "war chest" success in the last 25 years

300 gold for counts

500 gold for dukes
700 gold for kings
1000 gold for emperors

  • Vassals can offer 200g in exchange for a favor
  • Enables "Extort Subjects" decision
    • Extorting peasants reduces province income for 5 years
    • Extorting a courtier gives approximately half their wealth
    • Extorting the church angers religious head
    • Any use incurs -10 tyranny
+10% national tax modifier (3 years)
See the Realm Prosper
  • The Reaper's Due DLC
  • Independent
  • Not nomadic
  • At least one realm province:
    • Is not depopulated
    • Has a city, castle, or tribe
Remain at peace for 5 years
  • -1% revolt risk
  • More likely to get opportunities to invest in your demesne

Any war (other than a province revolt) will cancel the ambition and prevents taking it again for 5 years. Raiding does not affect this ambition

  • +1 stewardship
  • All eligible provinces in your realm gain 35 points of prosperity

After succeeding, cannot take the ambition again for 25 years

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